"International chic with a Haitian touch."

- Sandra Russo, founder & CEO

. . .

The name Sandilou was selected because it represents one of the things in the Caribbean that is considered essential, namely family-friendly or "heart family" as Sandra calls it. Sandilou is started in 2012 and is now a small textile company with 10 employees. They are able to work with fabric, paint, and appliques to produce beautiful fashion pieces - slow fashion, fashion accessories and soft furnishings. A team of artists hand-paint-free-style, with blank dyes and paint and silkscreen. The company is done by a group of women in the south of Haiti in the towns of Abricots and Indian Paradise. Sandilou 's designs vary according to the artist's trends Sandra and her team always use their culture, rhythm, colors and joie de vivre (joy of life).

Production usually consists of slow fashion and seasonless, "we are not a fashion house with collections. We produce easy-wear, just like the Caribbean - we are happy and easy, we're a lifestyle that's visual, effortless, with little stress and in no hurry to change what is comfortable," Sandra explained. She believes the Caribbean lifestyle is one where "... we still enjoy moments with nature, friends, family, and have fun at carnivals, where everything is beautiful."

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