Tiled Frame - 4x6"
Tiled Frame - 4x6"
Tiled Frame - 4x6"

Atelier Calla

Tiled Frame - 4x6"

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Display some of your treasured moments with this tiled bone frame. The eye-catching piece will add beauty to any room.


  • Individually handmade by a Haitian artisan

  • Material: Ethically gathered cattle bone (no animals were harmed in the making)

  • Due to the natural variation of this material, the piece you receive is unique and may have slight differences from the ones photographed.

Every purchase of an Elisha C. product is helping end poverty by providing artisans/producers a stable job, sending underprivileged children to school, and empowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty.

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Atelier Calla was birthed in 2011 after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti. They specialize in creating timeless pieces from ethically gathered cattle horn, bone, and wood. They tackle the serious trash problem in Haiti by turning the landfill into refined pieces of jewelry and home goods. By collecting trash that would have been burned on the streets of Haiti, they are being kind to the environment and the health of the Haitian people. Atelier Calla has collaborated with many designers, including Donna Karan, the founder of DKNY.