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It's a Christmas Miracle in Haiti!

Updated on January, 19th, 2022:    Our four elves in Haiti were hard at work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to surprise 56 families with rice + beans + oil for the holidays! That means over 300 people had food to eat! It was completely unexpected, no one knew this was coming, no one knew we were secretly plotting this huge surprise! When our elves showed up to the different households, everyone was doing their own thing, completely unaware that they were going to have not only visitors but a huge delivery that day. Our elves reported how timely this surprise was for the village because many homes did not have oil to cook with.  But one particular story broke my heart....

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Bringing Christmas To Haiti

For most of the past 13 years, I’ve been able to go to Haiti during the month of December to celebrate Christmas with our family in Fond Doux village. It’s probably my favorite way to celebrate this time of year, to watch kids cheer so loud as they open up wrapped Christmas gifts for the FIRST time, to serve hot meals until bellies are actually FULL, and occasionally, Santa makes an appearance. Watching the kids’ come up to Santa to say, ‘Merci’ (thank you) is seriously the most precious thing. This year, as we approach Christmas, I can’t help but think about our Haitian family. Not only has it been a tough year with political instability and natural disasters, but we...

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Haiti Earthquake Response 2021

Letter to Our Donors: Thank You For Saving Lives! Because of your generosity, our local team was able to respond right away to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that stuck Haiti on August 14th, 2021. We were often the first team to bring aid to the many affected villages, providing over 21,000 bags of clean water, rice, beans, soap, toilet paper, baby formula, and many other essentials to people who have lost everything in a matter of seconds. Our team drove many injured to the hospital and brought many doctors + nurses to the affected towns. Just last week, we bused in pediatricians from Port-au-Prince who volunteered their time, treating 24 infants and 62 adults. We are so proud of the...

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