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    Askanya Chocolate Gift Set


    Askanya Chocolate | Party Favors | 3 Flavors, Half Bars

    Les Chocolateries Askanya is the first bean to bar chocolate company in Haiti! We are making history. Get your hands on these first chocolate bars from Haiti. Try each of the three distinct flavors, then, hang the art.

    Milk Chocolate | Paradis | 47% Haitian Cacao, Sugar, Milk and Cacao Butter

    Cane Sugar | Wanga | 50% Haitian Cacao, Rapadou (Cane Sugar), Milk, Cacao Butter

    Dark Chocolate | Minuit | 60% Haitian Cacao, Sugar and Vanilla Bean


    Handcrafted in Haiti | Producer: Les Chocolateries Askanya

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