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    Hot Chocolate Recipe + Choko


    Hot Chocolate Recipe + Choko (60g, Pure Cacao) | A Tribute to Madame Jo

    100% of the proceeds go towards the Sainnatus Family.

    We’ve searched all over Haiti for the best Haitian Hot Chocolate (Chokola Cho) recipe for you! And we found it in our own backyard. Madame Jo has served over 30 years at our children’s home feeding many hungry children in Haiti. On our June 2016 Haiti trip, we asked her to teach us the secrets to her delicious Chokola Cho that the children raves about. Unfortunately, due to complications of a stroke followed by the lack of medical care in the developing country, she left us on December 28th 2016.

    In honor of this unsung hero from the villages of Haiti, we decided to create this Hot Chocolate Recipe Book (8 pages) with an inspirational tribute to Madame Jo. Along with the recipe, you will also receive a TOWO Choko (60g, Pure Cacao) from Haiti. You can be the first to share this new drink with your family and friends!

    Prep Time: 10 min  | Cook Time: 20 min | Serves 10-15

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