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  • recycled-multi-color-bracelet

    Recycled Beaded Bracelet | kolore


    Our bracelets are crafted by the Apparent Project artisans who hand roll delicate beads out of raw clay. The colorful beads are handmade from recycled cereal boxes which showcases the innovative and resourceful materials that can be turned into a beautiful piece. These beads are strung together to create a beautiful piece which holds financial opportunities for each artisan. You can pair these bracelets with your favorite bracelets or watch.

    Every purchase creates a positive impact in the lives of the Haitian artisans who made this piece.

    Handmade in Haiti.

  • IMG_3055

    Recycled Train Track Bracelet | vèt


    These delicate bracelets are hand rolled from recycled paper and are perfect for stacking or gifting.

    Made in Haiti.

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