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Elisha C. is a collective group of individuals who share a strong vision, a tender sense of compassion, and a driven spirit towards positive and lasting change in poverty stricken areas.

The vision began with the recognition of a need and the call to meet those needs with a compassionate business model. Elisha C. was born from the realization that anyone is capable of shifting the course of life for someone in need. Elisha C. was founded by Elisha Chan who, upon her seventh trip to Haiti, resolved to create a business dedicated to the restoration of people who live in poverty.

“ I came home from my first trip to Haiti in 2009 with an unexpected friendship. I befriended a  beautiful young woman whose name was Marie-Ange. Marie-Ange was the caretaker for the young girls at the orphanage I had visited in Fond Doux, Haiti. Like many rural Haitians, Marie-Ange lacked resources and finances to fulfill her dream to become a nurse. I wanted to help her pursue her dream so I decided I would record her songs, create CDs, and give them to her so she could sell them to raise the funds for her education. Unfortunately, she was never able to sell her CDs because she was hospitalized for three months due to an illness. Marie-Ange passed away shortly because she was never given a medical report or a diagnosis of her illness. We never knew the cause of her death, but the worst part is that this occurs everyday.

It was my seventh trip to Haiti when I realized that I could do something to change the cycle of poverty in Haiti which was taking a toll of so many lives. Poverty was the reason for the high mortality rates, the lack of education, and the little resources available. I felt like I could done something for Marie-Ange. On my flight back, I picked up a magazine that featured Donna Karan and Bill Clinton. I was inspired by Donna Karan and Bill Clinton’s involvement in Haiti. Donna Karan’ company, Urban Zen, sold beautiful artisan products made in Haiti to benefit those in Haiti. I wanted to do the same; to use artisan products that are made in Haiti and by the people in Haiti to bring job opportunities, educational scholarships , and economic stability to communities. I believe that our day-to-day purchases can make a powerful and lasting ripple effect in the lives of those who experience poverty everyday.


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