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Your purchase supports the local artisans and producers by ensuring them a sustainable job. By doing so, we are able to expand our impact in rural communities.  

Elisha C. currently invests back in a rural community called Fond Doux, 50 miles west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We believe in making investments that will have a far greater return than we can imagine simply because we support the dreams and visions of individuals in Fond Doux, Haiti. Our on-the-ground initiatives include:

Educational Scholarships – We sponsor and make sure that kids are equipped with the resources to attend school from preschool to university or are given the resources for a skilled apprenticeships where students are able to gain hands-on experiences in a specific career.

For our education initiative, the first year we were able to sponsor 26 students to go to school, including 6 university students. The second year, we have sponsored 35 students and counting, including 7 university students and 1 apprenticeship.

Microenterprise Assistance – We assist individuals launch a local business which will allow them to create jobs for the community and support their own families. We do so in order to help them take steps towards self-sufficiency rather than depending on foreign aid.

For our microenterprise initiative, we helped a young man named Gregory launch his bakery business by sponsoring the start-up cost. Since then, he has been support his grandmother and mother, put his sister through school, and pay for his own doctor’s appointments and medicine needs! We have made it possible for him and his family to be sustainable in a country where most people live on less than a $1 a day. We have also launched a small family trade business for Tata, a single mother of two children. She was unemployed and unable to provide shelter and food for her children but she had the vision to start a business. We saw her ambition and the energy and gave her the opportunity by sponsoring the start-up cost to start her trade business of selling clothes and shoes locally. Tata is now full of hope and can walk with her head held high because she is a  businesswoman who can support her own two children.


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